The Is it up? API

The Is it up? API tries to be very simple.

It provides the same amount of information as the regular site in several diffrent formats.

Response Types

Usage Terms

Please see the Terms of Use for how you can avoid getting blacklisted when using the API.

Point 2 is the important one:

Any client (browser or bot) must provide an accurate and appropriate user agent description when using isitup and it's api.

If you are using/making an automated system, please don't fake a browser user agent. You are more than welcome to use our api as long as you follow this condition.

Status Code

The status code returned is always between 1 and 3. What each one means is defined below.

  1. Website is alive.
  2. Website appears down.
  3. Domain was not valid.

JSON Request

To make a request for with JSON output simply make a request to the following url:

JSON Response

    "domain": "",
    "port": 80,
    "status_code": 1,
    "response_ip": "",
    "response_code": 200,
    "response_time": 0.025

JSONP Request

For JSONP use the callback parameter on a JSON request like so:

JSONP Response

    "domain": "",
    "port": 80,
    "status_code": 1,
    "response_ip": "",
    "response_code": 302,
    "response_time": 0.087

Plain Text Request

For a plain text response append txt to the end of the url like so:

Plain Text Response, 80, 1,, 302, 0.057